Tamanu: Ingredient Spotlight

Tamanu: Ingredient Spotlight

Tamanu oil is a rich, deep green botanical oil, cold-pressed from the nut of the tamanu fruit and bursting with healing constituents for your skin. It is abundant in saturated fatty acids and stearic acids, and much lower in polyunsaturated fatty acids than most seed oils, making it far more stable for your skin. There is about a 5% component of calophyllic acid, a rare fatty acid found almost exclusively in tamanu oil. It lends anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity to the oil.

The quick version of tamanu's incredible skin benefits:

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Tamanu is ideal for combating acne, redness, inflamed skin, itchy skin, rashes, and hives.

CELL REGENERATIVE: Tamanu can heal damaged tissue, repair skin, prevent scarring, reduce the appearance of old scars and acne scars, and lightens dark spots and age spots.

SUN PROTECTION: A 2021 study on the solar protection factor of various vegetable oils found that, among all the oils said to have SPF capabilities, tamanu was the only clear winner. Due to its unique calophyllic acid content, unrefined tamanu oil can offer and spf of 11-12! (see study)

SKIN ABSORPTION: Tamanu is readily absorbed by the skin, effectively delivering all the amazing healing properties and benefits.

COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: Applying tamanu oil to the skin can boost collagen production up to 40%!

ANTIBACTERIAL: Tamanu keeps harmful or unwanted microbes at bay, making it ideal for wound healing.

OVERALL SKIN HEALTH: Rich in essential fatty acids, tamanu improves the skin's tone and texture.

AND... it's completely natural, gentle, and safe.

This is why we've included a big dose of organic tamanu oil in our Healing Oil Cleanser! It's the second highest ingredient by volume in the cleanser. The Healing Oil Cleanser will not only take off the day and cleanse deep into the pores, but it will nourish and heal the skin along the way.

I'm curious - is this your first introduction to tamanu oil? What intrigues you about tamanu?

Tell us in the comments below!

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